Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote in spam_poetry,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

Re: Your family.

Re: Your family., slow-legged

Non-islamic quasi disappeance earth-convulsing
snow-bright vellum paper split-tongued
sleek-browed summer-stir chimney stalk
hay-color double-ported orange aurora
register ton Levant red cross-adoring
Irish-canadian T nut anchor space
carline wife drum language mind blindness
hoary-eyed spirit-froze Kiffa borealis

Re: Your family., oak tree

red-tempered All-southern roller gin
make-up world-affecting machine-made
cedar tree beech-green Non-legendrean
splay-toed candelabrum tree three-position
bank vole retro-operative ground form
association time zeal-worthy nor-noreast
salting tub cat-witted pre-evident
lever tumbler fly honeysuckle corn tester

Hi, Cartagena ipecac

picture-hanging acid tide spirit-freezing
twine-twisting prickly grass sulphureo-aerial
blockhead board lace pigeon bronco grass
rich-soiled sea peat soap apple
chorea minor sump pit mouth footed
grain aphid refrigerating engine sharp-beaked
etching ball quasi election truck trailer
night cloud heavy-limbed sea bindweed
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