Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote in spam_poetry,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

A Week at IKEA (formatting preserved)

i really really need my bedroom to be simple and uncluttered and white for calming purposes you know what i mean

1 luce 2 Untitled 3 Working 4 Stove Top

i do have one faithful companion who is braving the germs penny the pug russell

i have never been an animal person i swore id never have a dog who wants to pick up poop not me but somehow in my baby hungry weakness i was convinced to relent by the other two mccalebs who said they desperately needed a puppy fine whatever just take care of her and pick up the poop

feeling so inspired

i was born in orange county where my parents had lived in the same house for like 20 years they had both lived in so cal all their lives

and then suddenly and to my surprise i met and married the man i had no idea i was dreaming of but he was perfect for me and better than anything i had imagined or sought after before

and then i found myself a mother funny i thought id teach awhile longer and have grant all to myself and save some money

me um we didnt have disney games when i was five

just a phone call one night she had an aneurysm and although this was a surprise of the worst kind it was the most spiritual time of my life much good and understanding has come through that loss

but the commonality between each experience was- it was out of my hands i occasionally fell in love with someone who couldnt be had i occasionally had to run from someone who wouldnt let me go
it transported me back in time to simpler sunnier days and its been making really happy to stare at today

but the main thing i love about this picture is tree cover you can see in the upper right corner thats how it was all around the block even on really hot days you could find a great place to play in some serious shade everyone had a huge tree or trees somewhere on their property and bushes and ivy and a great variety of things the only reason we had those young trees on the corner was because my mom sold our big palm tree to some palm springs landscapers ha

im just obsessed with him

from brora

let me explain Buoy

the girl loves chocolate milk

i couldnt find a video of him performing it but listen to the lyrics

and then i realized i love her so much

you love him too right

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