Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote in spam_poetry,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

Never be infirm with her farfamed baseness

Make your boner your pride

Our products are like the insurance in the world of night pleasure.

Unbelievably healthy living, come to our site to claim it.

... and a longer one ...


liaise cloudy spot.
spacer graver spacer.
gag boo.
spacer tyke gamin withal!
tone shandy.
dyeing pleach wilt radish?
treaty caudle fusty lieu?
fusion blest.
swear gelt.
tux dee biting.
gag fancy.
waffle spacer.
spin infix tatter droll.
reach shirt fusion anger.
prize cloudy begone fibril!
zither boo slush racer.
treaty primer.
devise coatee guilt unlay?
lactic gag bias guile.
boo basher swear.
enrobe shirt oldage wade.
caudle wilt shandy.
daily prize.
waffle fibril droll.
primer cosset loft.
viol testae shandy fusion.
nature radish primer.
withal zither graver cadre!
gamin spin devise forty!
resole guslar cancan sadist.
lactic blest bubs.
cadre fusion devise.
graver shandy loft.
pleach devise primer treaty!
treaty shandy.
fusion swan exult.
tyke droll sadist loft!
treaty gee.
giber caudle.
shandy begone.
exult pouch.
erven lactic dee reach?
nature reach sleek slush.
gee bubs spin zither?
nitwit giber devise infix.
sadist nitwit.
plague dyeing scurfy lance?
coatee loath wilt awhile!
creasy droll spacer biting!
career pouch swan slush!
shandy hick unlay taxing.
scurfy guile.
daily lactic.
unlay zither.
unlay shirt.
tyke ebon taxing nature!
liaise cloudy fancy ionic!
droll unlay graver tux?
lance creasy hick racer!
lactic enrobe begone exult.
ahull sadist treaty.
wade lance nitwit.
fusion fusty lieu embody!
ionic shandy forty ebon!
slush guile gag tut?
blest ahull pleach fancy!
awhile dyeing droll dee?
naiad gelt wilt embody.
fibril guslar exult erven.
cadre exult wilt treaty.
droll fusty ionic pleach?
exult guslar testae.
sung loft coatee.
devise basher.
prize testae.
zither nitwit shirt coatee.
wade infix shirt lactic.
anger reach.
withal forty.
liaise anger.
basher guslar gelt.
sadist swear plague.
treaty lieu liaise waffle?
tatter tut hick hick!
nab primer cancan ahull!
viol gamin hick enrobe.
cancan slush fancy embody?
guilt primer.
awhile sung cadre begone!
fibril wilt ebon devise?
testae ebon bias.
awhile ahull basher.
zither radish.
awhile awhile unison.
spacer sadist forty hick?
gelt racer treaty waffle?

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