Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote in spam_poetry,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day


estop chose novel flake!
cashew luting.
attic penes baboo nibble?
cooker slam brazil reflux?
lipped brazil pant blase.
feel nopal cooker.
ingle wen estop give?
gypsa bingo chump graft?
smelt foci blase tops?
gasper fiber outre aerate?
valuer pray pink.
agile grouch novel blase!
nibble sleety brazil emir?
keeker tare valuer palmy!
find tare.
ingle bled how feed.
nibble aerate flood attic!
bled brazil elan cashew.
lipped large.
gasper hubby module.
lives sin hubby cashew!
slam seer.
farad estop cashew nopal.
slam find bingo arise?

- and another:


pore stoke bike cur.
delve swear col shay!
work clan.
doty mover corny.
rait echo shout samp.
rogue bora.
ax reek.
delve tacky wing glean.
tent stoke.
quail salon ax ilk!
tent zinc sloe widow!
quag scoff.
kotow blob work blob?
reedy anus glean tacky!
lotto oarer corny cur?
wing who stoke doty.
ax mark ilk pule?
cur samp.
rein psalm.
swear scoff quag palpi.
ax widow tardy ado!
cur lid sue empty?
guest kotow.
scat pore leap clan.

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