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Mesteth Bey
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E group. And of course, as it’s the
first time, she’s a little excited at having the
older set.“ ”The older set? Our contemporaries, you mean?“ ”Why--yes.“
Miss Suffern paused as if to gather herself up for a leap. ”The

Ashton Gileses,“ she brought out. ”The Ashton Gileses? Really? I shall
be glad to see Mary Giles again. It must be eighteen years,“ said Mrs.
Lidcote steadily. ”Yes,“ Miss Suffern

gasped, precipitately refilling her cup. ”The Ashton Gileses; and who
else?“ ”Well, the Sam Fresbies. But the most important
person, of course, is Mrs. Lorin Boulger.“ ”Mrs. Boulger? Leila didn’t
tell me she was coming.“ ”Didn’t she? I suppose she forgot everything

when she saw you. But the party was got up for Mrs. Boulger.
You see, it’s very important that she
should--well, take a fancy to Leila and Wilbour; his being appointed to
Rome virtually depends on it. And you know Leila insists on Rome in
order to be near you. So she asked Mary Giles, who’s intimate with the

Boulgers, if the visit couldn’t possibly be arranged; and Mary’s cable
caught Mrs. Boulger
at Cherbourg. She’s to be only a fortnight in
America; and getting her to come directly here was rather a triumph.“

I see it was,“ said Mrs. Lidcote. ”You know, she’s rather--rather
fussy; and

Mary was a little doubtful if--“ ”If she would, on account of Leila?“
Mrs. Lidcote murmured. ”Well, yes. In

L; it is, indeed, swaying

little openings of the willow fringe along the main shore;
or, boldly planted at the base of some rocky
ledge. At the towns, they are variously situated: in the water, up the
beach a way, or high upon the bottom, whither some great

flood has carried them
in years gone by. Occasionally,
when high and dry upon the land, they have a bit of vegetable garden
about them, rented for a time from the farmer; but, even with the
floaters, chickens are commonly kept, generally in a coop on the roof,
connected with the shore
by a special gang-plank for the fowls; and the other day, we saw a

thrifty houseboater who had several colonies of bees. There was a rise
of only two feet, last night; evidently the flood is nearly at its
greatest. We are now twenty feet above the level of ten days ago, and
are frequently swirling along over what were then sharp, stony slopes,
and brushing the topmost boughs of the lower lines of

willows and scrub sycamores. Thus we have a better view of the country;
and, approaching
closely to the banks, can from our seats at any time
pluck blue lupine by the armful. It thrives mightily on these gravelled
shores, and so do the bignonia vine, the poison ivy, and the Virginia
creeper. The hills are steeper, now, especially in Indiana; many of
them, although stony, worked-out, and almost worthless, are still, in
patches, cultivated to the very top; but for the most part they are
clothed in restful green. Overhead, in the summer haze, turkey-buzzards
gracefully, occasionally chased by audacious hawks; and in the woods, we
hear the warble of song-birds. Shadowy, idle scenes, these rustic
reaches of the lower Ohio, through which man may dream in Nature's lap,
all regardless of the workaday world. It was early evening when we
passed Madison, Ind. (553 miles), a fairly-prosperous factory

town of about twelve thousand souls. Scores of the inhabitants were out
in boats, collecting driftwood; and upon the wharf was a great crowd of
people, waiting for an excursion boat which was to return them to
Louisville, whence they had come for a day's
outing. It was a lifeless, melancholy party, as excursion
folk are apt to b

Felix Winters

Try another pinch.
Shall we say two years?
It is to save him.
It is a most dreadful creature.
Young gentlemen give suppers.
It is less warm here.
How much is it that you need?
But we must waste no time.
We heard from Pearson to-day.
Perhaps you are cold.
It is less warm here.
Harold will help.
But why show the planes?
Do I please thee?
Allow us to joke.
That was for the others to do.
There was plenty already.
Why not marry her?

Ext find Mrs. Bethune detailing to you that these

care to be regularly informed of
everything transpiring in the city that may be of interest to their business, and their agents
and emissaries leave nothing to chance.
They are not impetuous. They never hurry
up the conclusion of the transaction. When

the unwary stranger is in a fit
condition for the sacrifice he is led to the gaming-table with as much indifference
and _sang froid_ as butchers drive sheep to the shambles. The reader, amo

s full of racial subtleties.

Hern promontory from the inner shore of the island. After a phenomenal spell of fine weather in that storm-swept latitude, the atmosphere was transparent and bright as that of Stornoway
on a clear day in December. The rays of the sun were
reflected from many a blue glacier and ice-covered slope. Even the green of the higher belt
of firs was dazzling in its

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