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Art in a Can

Poetry in unsolicited advertising

Canned Email Product
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Okay, here's how this works. Some of that spam you get has some pretty nifty subject lines. And some pretty nifty message bodies, too. Take those random word combinations and post them here for everyone to guess what they are. Make haikus or other poetry out of the message bodies and post those, too. In fact, post anything you like having to do with your spam. But whatever you do, don't follow up on it. So don't include any of the URLs or phone numbers.

And while the group's sole purpose for existing happens to be spam, please don't spam the group.

Posts that have the original URLs, links, or phone numbers in them will be deleted, and the poster warned. Unrepentant repeat offenders may be banned. Links to your own journal, a free dictionary site, or the like are fine.